Polite Chaos offers an end-to-end 360 Video production service. From initial concept and script development to final delivery via video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.  We have access to a broad range of skilled creatives such as sound engineers, writers, cinematographers, editors and music composers. So get in touch to discuss what this exciting new technology can do for you.


It is now time to take advantage of all the possibilities of immersive 360 Video.


360º Video Production Services

  • Script and concept development
  • 360º Video Filming – GoPro Professional OMNI rig
  • 360º Audio Recording – 3D audio recorders and personal microphones


360 Degree Post Production

  • 360 video stitching in Kolor Autopano 3.0 –  the gold standard of 360 video post-production software.
  • Video Editing – Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Motion Graphics – Adobe After Effects
  • Sound Design – Pro Tools
  • Music Composition – Access to a large roster of composers and music catalogues


Camera and Equipment Hire

  • We can also provide a GoPro Omni 360º VR camera rig,  360º audio recorder and camera operator for hire, on a half or full-day basis. Please get in touch for our competitive rates.